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Our Hosting

  • Fast & Reliable Hosting
  • Dedicated E-mail Hosting
  • Secure Online File Storage & File Sharing
  • Dedicated Web Site & Database Hosting
  • MySQL database server

Hosting Web Site and Applications

In today's highly competitive Internet economy, a company's success and growth is dependent on it's web site. However, we all know that fast, reliable and continuous access to a web site will depend on the servers it is hosted on.

Our dedicated servers run on Unix, Linux and FreeBSD platforms. These platform brings speed, reliability, scalability and functionality to your web site and/or web application.

Also the connection to our dedicated servers from Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao is very fast, and very reliable.

Data Center - Digital Fortress (Seattle, USA)

The facility employs

  • Fiber Optic backbone connectivity.
  • Multiple fiber paths direct to geographically dispersed bandwidth providers.
  • A BGP4, autonomous, multi-homed network.
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet Internet connections through the largest transit providers in the world. Dedicated fiber connectivity to major metro exchange points for reasonably priced private networking and regional cross-connects.
  • Full-time electronic server monitoring.
  • Advanced bandwidth management and monitoring.
  • Zone 3 Critical seismic zone construction.
  • Dedicated 1.25MW Backup generator providing a fail-safe power supply.
  • Secured 5000 gallon Diesel tank - approx 110-150 hours of runtime.
  • Datacenter-grade MGE Uninterruptable Power Supply and power filtering/conditioning/distribution system.
  • 333 tons of dedicated HVAC and air handling with humidity control, with full-unit redundancy.
  • Earthquake hardened server racks and enclosures.
  • FM200 and Ecaro25 clean agent fire suppression systems deployed throughout the facility.
  • 14' ceilings and overhead ladder rack cable management/distribution.
Fiber Optic backbone connectivity Dedicated 1.25MW Backup generator MGE Uninterruptable Power Supply

Our Hosting Policy

Due to security and reliability reasons, we provide no access to our dedicated servers. On our dedicated servers we do not run any custom control panel software. However, we can create virtual FTP-directories, but we recommend to use in our E-mail Cloud Hosting the option "Secure Online File Storage & File Sharing".

Also we don't host a lot of 'open source cms' software like Wordpress and Yoomla!, this to ensure that our servers are fast, secure and reliable.

Hosting & Maintenance Fees

Basic Hosting, shared hosting, not on our servers, no web site maintenance

Full Service Hosting, hosting on our servers, maintenance and our support

Maintenance Fee Third Party Server, hosted somewhere else, web site maintenance

First Aid Support, if you have problems and want to have a second opinion or if you do not get support at your current provider